What is Beard and chin transplantation?

The beard is one of the things that complements the aesthetic appearance of a man’s face, helps protect against sunburn, and also covers neck fat. While some men have thick hair in the facial area, there are many who do not have this feature for many reasons, which makes them eager to get thick beard hair. Many men have a background about the possibility of chin hair transplantation, and many of them have already undergone beard hair transplants, which qualifies them to get many ways to style that attractive area.

Reasons of hair loss in beard and mustache

  • Wounds resulting from burns, accidents or surgeries.
  • Alopecia caused by pulling long beard hair.
  • Hereditary hair loss.
  • Fungal infection due to shaving.
  • Alopecia areata, which causes hair loss in certain areas.

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Beard and chin transplant techniques

  • DHI hair transplantation: The cultivation is carried out in two stages, namely picking and then cultivation directly without incision of the skin, in which a Choi pen is used, and this technique is able to transfer and transplant about 6000 hairs in one session.
  • Sapphire technique: Hair transplantation with the Sapphire technique is performed under the influence of local anesthetic. Also, hair follicles with a diameter of about 0.7-0.8 mm are extracted according to the thickness of the follicle, through the micro-sapphire device.

Is the planning of the transplant process in the beard and mustache area different from the scalp?

The basic principles of transplantation are almost the same, but you need to plan for them in a different and distinct way. The doctor must examine the entire face in detail before proceeding to determine the number of units to be transplanted for each area of ​​the beard and mustache. The most common of these cases are those people who suffer from hereditary hair loss in the beard and mustache area. This type needs approximately 2500 units of extraction to restructure the entire beard and mustache.

The hair is extracted from the donor area in the same way as in the hair transplantation by the ultra slate extraction, and the only difference is in how the hair is distributed over the receiving area and the direction of growth of the transplanted hair so that it looks natural.

Also, the wounds and their size must be taken into account, because any incision or wound could cause a noticeable effect in the future.

Using beard hair as a donor for the beard itself, or more precisely, picking out some thick beard hair to give it to the less dense areas, it is required if the receiving area needs approximately 100-150 hairs or to intensify the mustache hair, which needs approximately such a percentage. But higher percentages need the scalp hair as the donor area.

Beard and mustache hair transplantation areas

  • Jaw area
  • Under beard area
  • Neck hair area
  • Cheek area (cheeks)
  • Sideburns area
  • Mustache area

After beard hair transplant

During the period after the chin hair transplant operation, it is possible that saliva flows as a result of local anesthesia, so it is recommended to take semi-fluids during the day after the operation. Hair growth may take 3 months and improve completely in the months that follow this period. There may also be slight superficial swelling resulting in bruising and it takes only two days for its effect to disappear.

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