What is hoolywood smile?

Hollywood Smile is a total makeover of your smile, i.e. a complete prosthetic reconstruction of both jaws using caps, veneers and, quite often, implants. Hollywood Smile involves placing dental crowns on all teeth, or at least on all visible teeth in both jaws, which means up to and including premolars. The term comes from the eponymous movie mecca and is used to evoke the brightly bleached teeth of Hollywood celebrities.

How Does The Procedure Work?

We have to emphasize that the success and longevity of any complete prosthetic reconstruction, like the Hollywood Smile, lies in securing the functionality of the teeth and the jaw first, and providing esthetic satisfaction second. If we wish to render any prosthetic work long-lasting, to be able to vouch for it and give warranties, we have to cover the teeth at least down to the first molars, in both jaws and on both sides. Sometimes the patients lacking back teeth want to reconstruct only the front ones, but this is very hard to achieve and possible only by using multiple implants, certainly not against crowns and veneers, because front teeth need to be supported by back teeth. It is also not uncommon to have younger patients, who have excellent teeth, wishing to get veneers or caps on all teeth for esthetic reasons. We tend to talk them out of the Hollywood smile procedure, because despite the fact that the veneers are minimally invasive, there will still be some damage (abrasion) to the teeth involved.

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Benefits Of Hollywood Smile

  • It boosts your confidence and rids you of self-doubt.
  • Enhances your social life and allows you to prosper both socially and professionally.
  • Natural results of a pearly smile.
  • Long-lasting

Hollywood Smile using veneers

A perfect white smile, i.e. Hollywood Smile, is achievable using veneers when the patient’s teeth are generally of sound quality, including the chipped ones, or having fillings or yellow colouring. A great number of celebrities will undergo this procedure. However, in practice, a common situation is that a patient would like a Hollywood Smile treatment using veneers, but are unaware that their teeth are not healthy enough, or properly aligned, or sufficient in number to wear veneers. The requirement is that all teeth including molars are present and that they are properly laid out. If they are not, we recommend getting fixed braces beforehand.

Hollywood Smile using crowns and bridges

A more common case is having a Hollywood Smile by placing crowns and bridges onto natural teeth, which has a medium level of complexity, halfway between using veneers and using implants with dental crowns. We go for this technique when the patient has at least half of their teeth in sound condition, with the other half having a healthy root and enough bulk to mount them with crowns. In a space where there are one or two teeth missing, a bridge may be placed without major complications, but if there are more teeth missing, then we have to introduce implants, which will serve as a preparatory procedure for a more complicated piece of prosthetic work.

Results Of A Hollywood Smile

Results are immediate and natural looking. You will notice a drastic transformation in various aspects of your smile. From the alignment of your teeth, to their pearly glow and perfect measurements.

If you take care of your Hollywood Smile, the results can last for up to a decade or a decade and a half.

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