What is Woman Hair Tranplant?

Some may think that the process of hair transplantation is limited to men only, but this is not true. Women are more interested in their hair than men, and some men do not care about their hair loss, and most of them resort to shaving their heads completely, considering this as one of the fashion trends, while women Her hair is considered the most important thing in her beauty and femininity, and in recent years cases of baldness and hair loss have spread in abundance among women, which made hair transplantation for women a suitable solution for every girl or woman who suffers from hair loss or hair loss and wants a healthy and wonderful look that restores her beauty and self-confidence.

Hair transplantation for women is a cosmetic process in which hair follicles are transferred from the donor area behind the head, and transplanted to the target area that suffers from baldness or lack or scarcity of hair, using techniques that will be discussed later.

Candidates for hair transplant:

  • Those who suffer from thinning and weak hair and scalp.
  • Those who suffer from thin or hairless eyebrows.
  • Women who have lost some but not all hair as a result of burns, accidents or surgeries.
  • Hair loss due to hormonal disorders or chemotherapy.
  • Women with baldness and alopecia.
  • Women who have experienced hair loss after a face-lift or other cosmetic procedures.

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Hair transplant techniques for Women

  • FUE technique: It is the most common technique that doctors resort to in the field of plastic surgery, in order to eliminate the problem of baldness, without leaving deep wounds that take a long time to heal, or scars that last for many years.
  • DHI . technology: The cultivation is carried out in two stages, namely picking and then cultivation directly without incision of the skin, in which a Choi pen is used, and this technique is able to transfer and transplant about 6000 hairs in one session.
  • Sapphire technique: Hair transplantation with the Sapphire technique is performed under the influence of local anesthetic. Also, hair follicles with a diameter of about 0.7-0.8 mm are extracted, according to the thickness of the follicle, through the micro-sapphire device.

Tips before the procedure

  • Searching for the best treatment centers and choosing the best among them in the field of hair transplantation for women.
  • Ensure that the center provides a system for continuous follow-up of your condition and its developments until the completion of the final results.
  • Making sure that the surgeon you refer to is the best doctor in performing the hair transplant procedure for women to ensure your safety.
  • Ensure the doctor’s skill and the success of his previous results, and you can request to see pictures of the experiments of the center or clinic, but beware of fake pictures.
  • Learn about the latest hair transplant techniques for women around the world to determine the best for your case.
  • Knowing the number of roots that will be planted in the place you want to plant, and do not exaggerate the intensification of your hair, because this may come with negative results later.
  • Two weeks before the operation, you should stop taking medicines or vitamins containing aspirin or ibuprofen, and stop taking herbs such as green tea and garlic, and also stay away from taking vitamin E; Because they increase the chances of bleeding and the stability of the newly transplanted roots becomes difficult to increase the intake of vitamin C

Tips After the procedure

  • Avoid touching the hair transplantation sites after the operation, or exposing them to shocks or friction.
  • Do not make any extra effort during the first three days. Avoid bending and lowering the head in the first days after hair transplantation.
  • Sleep on the back, with the head raised above the rest of the body at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, strong winds or rain.
  • Adhering to the medical instructions and instructions specified by the doctor and continuing to take the therapeutic doses on time.
  • Not practicing violent sports that require strenuous physical effort during the first month.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Do not cut or dye your hair before the appointment prescribed by your doctor.
  • Refer to a doctor in case of severe bleeding, frequent vomiting, or loss of balance.
  • Hair loss is an ongoing process, so you may need to have another procedure to get more density or to cover new bald spots.

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